No Longer Ongoing Submissions: Factor Four Magazine

As our definition of Ongoing Submissions has changed, Factor Four Magazine no longer fits into this category. We will list their calls as we see them open.

Payment: 8 cents per word, minimum of $60

We publish flash fiction in the genres of speculative fiction, specifically science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, super hero, or any combination of these.  We are looking for stories that are engaging to our readers in such a short word count.  Please take note of these factors (pun intended) when submitting stories to us.

Accept Story Length: We accept stories up to 2,000 words.  However, due to the way we plan our budget, stories 1,000 words or less are more likely to be accepted.  It is a little early to tell but we’d put our sweet spot at 500-1,500 words.

Sexual Content & Language:   We are okay with foul language and sexual activity within a story, provided it fits the story well.  We do not publish erotica.

Manuscript Format:  Please send a .doc, .docx, or .rtf (our preference is rtf).  Please follow standard manuscript format including 12 point Courier font, double spaced, with author information, and word count.  If you need an example of what we want, see this example from SFWA.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submission:  We do not accept submissions that are pending a response at another publication.  Once you have submitted a story to us, please do not submit that story to another market until you’ve heard back from us. Please send us just one story at a time.  Once you’ve heard back on your submission you are welcome to send us another one.  We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Response Time:  We cannot predict our response times at this point, but we encourage authors to report submission to our magazine via The Submission Grinder where you can also see our current average response times. If, after 90 days you’ve not heard from back on your submission, please query with us.  Remember to check your SPAM folder.

Rights and Other Stuff:  We require first print and electronic rights for your story.  If your story has been published by someone else, or yourself, (even if you were never paid) then we will not publish it.  No reprints unless specifically requested by us.  Keep in mind that this includes publishing a story on your website or blog.  This does not include sharing your story with a private, member’s only writer’s group for the purpose of story development.  We require exclusive rights for one year from the date of publication.

Publication Language & Format: We publish in English in print, eReader, and online.  Our magazine is available worldwide.

Payment:  Fiction is paid at a rate of eight (8) U.S. cents per word based on our word processor’s word count and excludes title, author information, etc. The minimum payment for a story is sixty (60) U.S. dollars.  Payment is made no later than the date of publication via PayPal.

Cover Art Submissions

Factor Four Magazine accepts submissions for cover art.  Keep in mind that the top portion of the artwork will be covered by the magazine title and information.  This is typically within the top 2 inches of our cover.  Our magazine is published at 6×9 inches, and preference will be given to art that can serve both as a “full-wrap” cover and can be cropped to be a standalone 6×9 cover.

We are looking for full print and electronic rights.  Your art will be used to represent the cover of our magazine and may be used in advertisements with the purpose of promoting the magazine and issue.  Artwork should be able to be scaled and at a minimum of 300 dpi.

We pay two-hundred (200) U.S. dollars for artwork.  Payment is made no later than the date of publication via PayPal.


Factor Four Magazine occasionally looks for stories and cover art for a theme.   When theme submissions windows are open, the theme will be explained here.



Please email us at  Include your story as an attachment.


Include in your email body your name, pen name (if you use one), contact email address, your story title, and the word count.  You can choose to include a brief bio or introduction if you’d like.  Do not include any links.


Please email us at Include a sample of the artwork you’d like to sell us as an attachment.  It is okay to scale down the artwork for the sake of emailing it to us, we will coordinate getting the full size image if we choose to purchase it.

eMail Subject should be: ART TITLE – ARTIST LAST NAME

Include in your email body your name, your pseudonym (if you use one), contact email address, and your artwork title. You can choose to include a brief bio or introduction if you’d like.  Do not include any links.

Via: Factor Four Magazine.

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