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From government experiments to telepathic vultures, alien invasions and a forest revolution, some of the best authors in indie horror have come together to deliver disturbing tales to raise money for the Humane Society International. Prepare for feral women, killer felines, maggots and human farms to invade your nightmares.

All proceeds from this book will go to The Humane Society International.

Red Stars & Shattered Shields is a science fiction anthology of hope and light featuring bestselling and award-winning authors and poets: David Brin, Jennifer Brody, Jennifer Brozek, Adam-Troy Castro, Leah Cypess, Keith DeCandido, David Gerrold, Elana Gomel, Henry Herz, Jonathan Maberry, Jody Lynn Nye, Cat Rambo, Alex Shvartsman, Susan Shwartz, Robert Silverberg, Adam Stemple, Ian Randal Strock, John Baltisberger, Michael Bailey, Pedro Iniguez, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Vince Liaguno, Jessica McHugh, Lisa Morton, Lee Murray, John Palisano, John Shirley, Lucy A. Snyder, and Stephanie M. Wytovich.

The RSSS charity anthology supports Magon David Adom (MDA). As a national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance, and blood bank service, MDA is Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross.

Pre-Order. Pub. date Feb. 29th

This is a horror anthology based on the music of Alice Cooper. It contains horror short stories from authors based in four countries and two continents. All proceeds from the sales of this anthology go to support Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

This is a charity anthology; all proceeds will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid).

Over 30 authors in the horror community donated stories to help the civilians of Palestine. Among the stories are:

— codependent necromancers
— a spy discovers a supernatural weapon that might turn the tide of the war
— a Girl Scout troop camping trip goes horribly wrong when dinosaurs show up
— a child’s drawings of their family are not quite what they seem
— a group of men fighting a forest fire are about to have a Very Bad Day
— a man is constantly followed by a terrifying shadow figure he calls the Other
— a young woman’s new job at the mall isn’t nearly as mundane as she anticipated

Discover some new favorite tales in this collection!

Cover art by Winter Holmes.

Exclusively on Godless for all of January
100% proceeds benefit Children of the Night, a privately funded non-profit organization providing intervention in the lives of children who are sexually exploited and vulnerable to or involved in prostitution and pornography.
In ALL NEW tales simmering with dread, Rebecca Rowland and Michael Aloisi, the duo that brought you Pieces and The View Master, explore the hunger and haunted nature of five monstrous women. No one would suspect the degree of terror these ladies’ strange abilities will ignite.
Take heed:
some of these women are cursed,
some are blessed,
ALL are dangerous.
* In print everywhere February 1*


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Who knew bugs could become demonic?

A year ago, a series of earthquakes hit around the world. The damage and loss of life were devastating, and the world became weird but no more than in the quake zone known as Broken Brooklyn. Bugs became demonic, demons invaded, and people with psychic abilities grew stronger.

Frank Carver and Hector Ramirez, two exterminators, and Jenny Blake, a woman who can talk to ghosts, have created a business to take out these new pests. And business is booming.

When Frank, Jenny, and Hector come across a giant bug, things get even odder: friends go missing, a single female bedbug becomes a prized possession, and Jenny keeps finding bug-possessed people. Frank’s daughter, Angela, an unwilling participant, hears of the coming of the bug king.

As Jenny, Frank, and Hector keep hunting for the female bug and missing friends, they wonder if they are getting closer to what or who caused the earthquake.


An abused child encounters the local legendary boogeyman, and finds himself querying the definition of ‘monster’…
Two time-travellers observe The Crucifixion, and discover a horror far beyond the brutality of the event itself…
An inhuman predator establishes its feeding ground in a small rural town—but does it have competition…?
In this collection, representing the darker work of award-nominated author Chuck McKenzie, you’ll find tales of zombies, kaiju, and alien invaders; of visits to Hell, and to quiet suburban streets; of Lovecraftian entities and spectral terrors. And other, far less pleasant tales than these…


Dark doings are afoot in the forests of Charwood…

After joining the Tenders, a band of backwoods activists claiming to solve climate change by burning trees for energy, Orna Tannenbaum falls in with Rowan, their odd yet charming leader. But when she uncovers what the Tenders are really up to in the forest, she must apply the ancient wisdom of her culture to battle dark forces threatening to gain a foothold in our world.

An ecological Jewish folk horror novel 5,783 years in the making.

“Schlossberg delivers a blend of Jewish mysticism, the supernatural, and current day environmental challenges in this thought provoking tale that will leave you thinking about it long after you turn the last page.”
–Daniel Braum, author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

“There is eco-horror. There is religious apocalypse. And then there is Charwood. I promise you will have never read anything like this powerful evocation of ancient Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah, seamlessly coupled with topical headlines about deforestation and climate change.”
–Elana Gomel, author of Nightwood

“Charwood is a seamless fusion of Jewish mysticism and ecological horror, thrilling and terrifying in equal measure.”
–Richard Dansky, author of Ghost of a Marriage

Dive into the churning vortex of the imagination in the sixth edition of’s Trembling with Fear anthology. This spellbinding collection presents the pinnacle of speculative fiction, printed throughout the year 2022 in our online ‘Trembling With Fear’ magazine.

Our journey across the speculative cosmos spans the vast spectrum of the genre, touching down on the grim shadowlands of horror, the sparkling expanses of science fiction, the enigmatic realms of fantasy, and territories yet uncharted.

The tales in this anthology, handpicked from the digital quill of a diverse array of global voices, embody the electrifying thrill and bone-chilling dread that is the heart of speculative fiction. Their words weave realities that unsettle and intrigue, leaving the mind trembling on the precipice of the unknown.

As you traverse the surreal landscapes within these pages, brace yourself for narratives that gnaw at your nerves, spark wonder, and incite contemplation. The works within this anthology are not merely stories—they are portals to the myriad worlds that dance on the edge of possibility.

In this extraordinary Year 6 collection, you are not just an observer—you are an explorer. And every page turned is a new frontier. We hope you relish this odyssey into the strange and spectacular as much as we have cherished curating it. Enjoy the tremor.



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Victims - Signed Paperback Pre-order


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Novelette Rootwork (2024 Edition) A Gathering of Weapons
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In their first comic book adventure, Mr. Church sends Ledger and Violin on a a case involving a bizarre kind of human trafficking. People—mostly young and innocent—are being found dead all across the U.S. Drained of blood but also missing key internal organs—brains and hearts. Their bodies are marked with strange symbols from ancient religions and the deaths have all the earmarks of some deadly kind of human sacrifice.

But there is much more to it than that. Some of the sacrificed dead have since vanished from morgues and funeral homes. Staff at those places are found torn to pieces…and their organs are missing, too.

Ledger and Violin have to go deep into the darkness to find out what’s happening and who is behind this…and every step of the way ratchets up the danger and the terror.

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