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Taking Submissions: Atlas of Deep Ones

Obsidian Butterfly

Submission Window: June 1st, 2024 to July 30th, 2024 Payment: Contributors copy and Story: $25, Poems: $15. Non-fiction: $15, Query for art submissions Theme: Stories about Deep Ones A cultural, geographic and unnatural history Dive Deep into the Weird The stories we are looking for are all about Deep Ones. But not just “I met a Deep One and I fainted because the Innsmouth Look is just that jarring to my fragile psyche.” We want stories that are truly about Deep Ones: Deep One pirates willing to raid some truly unusual ships, beach bums sharing a smoke with a new friend. How do you handle the call to the sea when you live in Kansas? How did encounters with Romans, Vikings, and rum runners play out? Maybe they were the Sea People leading to the Bronze Age Collapse. Did they sink the White Ship that messed up English Royal succession? Or what or a more distant, perhaps primordial past? The “non-fiction” should be articles about aspects of Deep One culture, biology, history and everything in-between. Nothing from New England or South Pacific seas unless you give us a time period we haven’t seen before. Dive deep and grasp the Weird. Submissions window: June 1, 2024-July 30, 2024 Publication target: Summer 2025 Length: Stories: 500-6000 words. Poems: No more then 2 pages please Non-fiction: 500-1000 words Pay Rate for original works, via PayPal: Story: $25 Poems: $15 Non-fiction: $15 Query for art submissions Plus an author's copy and the ability to purchase copies at a reduced rate. (Please contact us for reprint pay rate.) Technical Details: Submit a docx with Modern Shunn Format using the Google form here: If there is an issue with the form, please let us know. DO NOT submit via email; email submissions will be ignored. Editors: Gevera Bert Piedmont Author of...

Taking Submissions: Mythaxis July 2024 Submission Period (Early Listing)

Mythaxis Magazine

Submission Window: July 23rd-30th, 2024 Payment: €0.01 per word, with a €20 minimum. Theme: Diverse sci-fi and fantasy fiction. We are open to submissions within the following periods: January 23rd-30th April 23rd-30th July 23rd-30th October 23rd-30th Submissions received outside of these dates will unfortunately be lost and therefore not responded to. When open, we seek and offer the following: Length: 1,000-5,000 words. These are firm limits. Shorter or longer works will be considered, but the further a story goes outside these bounds the more it will need to impress. Compensation: €0.01 per word, with a €20 minimum. Please be aware that payment is via PayPal only. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of submission, please get in touch. We aim to accept or reject within 14 days of acknowledgment, but rl (real life) and rl (reading load) can get in the way. If you do not hear from us after 30 days, feel free to query. REQUIREMENTS Mythaxis seeks speculative fiction (sf/f/h) of all stripes for our first three issues each year. We are also interested in submissions of crime fiction for our end-of-year “all crime” issue. All these genres are equally welcome in each submission window. We acquire First Print and Digital rights with a six month period of exclusivity from the date of publication, and will discuss the possibility of an audio format release with interested contributors. We also ask permission to potentially include accepted pieces in future anthologies; in event of agreement, an additional payment and digital copy will be offered in compensation. All other rights remain entirely with the author. See here for an overview of our editorial process. Simultaneous submissions are not only accepted, they are encouraged. Please tell us if you sim-sub, and we merely ask that you notify us of acceptance at another market as soon as possible. In...

Taking Submissions: Madam Don’t Forget Your Sword

Dead Fish Books

Deadline: July 30th, 2024 Payment: $5 and royalties Theme: The story of a hero or villain's sidekick Madame, Don’t Forget Your Sword Length: the target range is between 2000-6000 words. Time: June 1st - July 30th Pay per story: $5 + royalties This anthology is dedicated to all the minions, sidekicks, and henchpeople: the ones responsible for getting the takeout, picking up the kids, and making sure that the evil plan actually works. The ones dedicated to showing how the monster works before the hero comes to save the day! Give them their spotlight: What drama happens when you work HR for a mad scientist? What happens if the sidekicks unionize? What if the red shirts accidentally don’t die? We welcome new authors, and will work with all authors to bring their stories into the vision of the book. The final draft will be sent to the author for final approval. Authors retain the right to retract their stories up until the contract is signed. Please note that response times are likely to be slower than normal this year. Da Mama is getting her knee chopped off and reinstalled with a more workable (or at least less likely to collapse entirely) version, and has no idea how this will go. Potential publication date will be late November, depending on how getting the other knee chopped off goes. Guidelines (common sense guidelines, but stated as clearly as we can): 1) Submit your story as an *.rtf file attached to your cover letter. (Go to "Save As" and click on Rich Text Format or rtf.) 2) One-inch margins, double-spaced text is preferred. 3) Please do not use tabs. Please use the paragraph formatting tool to indent the paragraphs, and either use CENTER to place your section dividers, or just leave them on...