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Taking Submissions: Chaotic Merge Issue #5

Deadline: January 6th, 2023 Payment: $3-$5 Theme: Obscure and honest work from the new and rising artists around the world. An authentic portrayal of our world Chaotic Merge is a literary magazine that is home to obscure and honest work from the new and rising artists around the world. When choosing the name of this magazine, we wanted to find a name that included the diverse voice we search for and capture the beauty of an artist’s thought process. We thought these two went hand in hand. When an artist’s mind is clouded with so many thoughts, they might want to capture it. At first, it might seem messy, even chaotic, but when playing with structure and balance, it can become something beautiful. We believe this idea with the community too. If we put all our diverse and different stories together, we can create a knowledgeable and authentic portrayal of our world, creating a beautiful Chaotic Merge. General Submission Guidelines All work(s) should be submitted through Submittable with either Garamond or Times New Roman 12pt. Font. Please look below to see if the section(s) you are submitting to have specific guidelines. We have the right to refuse the right to read your work if submitted otherwise. Disclaimer: As a Magazine, we do not tolerate and reserve the right to reject or not to respond to work that contains racism, homophobia, violent themes, etc. content. Content Warnings: Please include content warnings for any sensitive material after the title of your piece or by messaging us directly. If you do not know if it should have a trigger warning or not, put it in there anyway. It can only help. Note: All our zine are all online only. Our regular Winter and Summer issues are print & online.   Categories: POETRY We...