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Taking Submissions: Madness by Firelight

July 31

Deadline: July 31, 2024
Payment: Royalties and Digital Copy
Theme: Scary Campfire Stories

You’re sitting around the campfire; it’s dark, the moon is high in the sky, the wind is whistling through the trees, and the sense of isolation is pervasive. You hear a twig snap in the darkness, everyone is tense. What’s the story you tell your friends to terrify them? What’s in the dark, stalking the camp: an axe murderer, a werewolf, or something so far beyond our mortal understanding that just the sight of it will drive each of us insane? Tell me a ghost story, I want to be afraid and I want everyone reading to be afraid of what they’ll read yet feel brave enough to turn the page.

Submission Requirements:
This will be a horror anthology, so tell me a scary story. Content doesn’t entirely matter but it should make sense (I do not object to erotica or gore if it makes sense, stories should include a content warning if it’s appropriate), which means the story should be a complete story. I’m not looking for any story that attacks a specific ethnic group, gender, religion, etc (if your story is about a ghost that only attacks women, that’s different, I’m talking about pure hate speech); if I read it I’ll reject it.

The deadline is July 31; I’ll strive to make a final decision by August 10, and contracts will be sent out soon after with a 2 week deadline (the sooner they come in, the sooner the book goes to the printer). I am one person so, while I’ll strive to contact everyone who submits, that’s not always possible. The distributor is Draft2Digital which primarily releases ebooks but also offers print books to physical retailers (it’s a large market that includes Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Hoopla, and others); different markets have different time tables; I can’t control it. As such, all payments will be issued by Draft2Digital to cover all of the markets that they distribute to and ensure that authors get paid appropriately.

Submissions should be under 5,000 words (this is a flexible limit but stories SHOULD be under 10,000 words). My goal is to include 13 authors but that’s not a hard number. Authors can submit one document each; I don’t have a formatting requirement at this time but if I can’t read it, I won’t try. This anthology is not for poems. Original works only.

Authors will get a percentage of net royalties as well as a digital copy. What this means is, if you write 10% of the book, you’ll get 10% of the net royalties. Each market pays a different net royalty so you’ll get paid a different amount from different markets; all calculated by the distributor. I am seeking first publication rights which will revert to the author 30 days after publication OR when all markets have begun distributing the book; whichever occurs first.

Any questions: email me at [email protected]
Please note: emails with attachments will not be opened.
Link to submit: https://forms.gle/VgfVfrfD9kuhHujG7


July 31