Epeolatry Book Review: Creatures of Clay by Patrick Moody


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Title: Creatures of Clay
Author: Patrick Moody
Genre: YA Horror
Publisher: DBND Publishing
Release Date: 25th June, 2021

Synopsis: Welcome to Stark Falls, New Hampshire, 1985.

A quaint, wholesome town, where couples picnic on the green, kids hang at the malt shop and drive-ins, and neighborhood potlucks are the place to be. White picket fences line well-manicured lawns, and evening concerts at the bandstand fill the town with the sound of joy.

But in the summer of ’85, the residents of Stark Falls will know fear.

A monster is on the loose.

A monster that may not be of this world.

Tensions are high in Stark Falls: a shop keeper mourns his lost son, someone has defaced the local synagogue, and something is attacking community members leaving behind a ton of mud at the crime scenes! The Crypt Crew, a group of local kids made up of Quinn, a Jewish boy, and his friends, work together to crack the case.

Creatures of Clay is the upcoming YA Horror novel from Patrick Moody, and it is a ton of fun. It brought back fond memories of afternoons curled up on the couch with a Goosebumps book as a preteen. I would happily give this to any burgeoning monster hound ready to graduate to something a bit meatier than R.L. Stine’s more formulaic chapter books. This hit so many sweet spots: the main protagonist is an underrepresented minority, everyone loves a creature feature, plus I learned a bit about Jewish folklore.

Some things about it were a little predictable, but I think this still works fine, especially since this is for a YA audience. Win, win, win.

So, if you’re looking for a feel good, small-town, coming-of-age adventure with monsters and a splash of 80’s nostalgia, look no further than Creatures of Clay. I definitely see this as the start of a great YA adventure series. I hope we will see more of the Crypt Crew in the future.

I give this 3.75 out of 5 stars. 

Available from Amazon.

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