Ongoing Submissions: Deadman’s Tome


Payment: Deadman’s Tome offers published authors pay calculated by the amount of views, likes, and comments that pertains to published work featured on the site. As of the rate in which payment is calculated is .10 cents per view, like, and comment for a year. Payments are sent via PayPal.
Note: Reprints Allowed

2016 Submission policy.

All Submissions should meet this criteria:

Medium: Short stories and Flash Fiction

Genre: Horror, Dark fiction, Dark Erotica

Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX in the email, we do not like the body to be flooded with text.

Make sure length is reasonable, no more than 7000 words.

Multiple Submissions okay. Deadman’s Tome offers published authors pay calculated by the amount of views, likes, and comments that pertains to published work featured on the site. As of the rate in which payment is calculated is .10 cents per view, like, and comment for a year. Payments are sent via PayPal.

Submit a brief bio, we don’t care if you have no work history, give us a brief bio of yourself.

Those that get published will also be featured in our Author Shrine.

Submit to Editor.

 Authors of any accepted and published submission will receive payment in the amount agreed between Deadman’s Tome and Author. The original creator, being the credited name on the work or within  the submission of the work, agrees to give Deadman’s Tome the right to publish, edit, modify, and/or republish submitted published work. If the original  owner wishes to cease publication they must inform us before publication date,  if it is after publication the owner then has 15 days to notify us so that we can pull the respected item*. Any compensation for redacted published material must be refunded before such a request can be fulfilled. By granting us the right to publish, whether for compensation or  not, it will lose First Publishing Rights and would be considered a reprint for future publications, in which case the value would be negatively affected.

*Any time table, unless otherwise noted, is subjected to a reasonable grace period that may change based on situation.

Send submission to
[email protected]

Via: Deadman’s Tome.

Ongoing Submissions: Black Denim Lit


Payment: 1 cent per word

Story Content For The Magazine

Black Denim Lit welcomes thoughtful writers, new and established. We are open to Genre fiction but favor “General“, “Sci-Fi” and “Fantasy“… It’s possible that we might also publish:

  • Action/adventure, Western
  • Mystery, Crime, Horror, Suspense or Thriller
  • …but not erotica

We strongly favor “literary” style. Most “subjects” are OK, but avoid the over-used.

This all should be:

  • Prose (not poetry)
  • Short story (under 7,500 words)
  • Fiction (not letters, essays, journals or other non-fiction)
  • Finished work (not writing exercise or workshop detritus or proposals)

Without entering into a debate as to what qualifies as “literary,” we are looking for stories that have unique and lasting artistic merit.

Anything Over 7,500 Words, including Novels

We consider novelettes up to 17,500 words on a case by case basis, if submitted in their entirety. Novelettes could either be serialized in the magazine or published as a separate title. Over 17,500 words would be published as a stand-alone volume.

This means that only query letters are being accepting for anything over 17,500 words.

Art content

For an idea of the art we’re looking for please visit our Pinterest Art Page. Unfortunately we cannot pay for art at this time. Email us directly if you are interested.


We prefer Manuscript format. See a guide to Manuscript Format. Keep in mind that we favor material that can be read aloud (think Audio Book), so we’re not interested in unique presentations that depend on particular white space or fonts. Highlights of this format include:

  • Double space lines.
  • No extra lines between paragraphs.
  • Single space between sentences.
  • Straight quotes (” “), not curly (“ ”).
  • Half inch indents in paragraphs.
  • three periods (…), not an ellipsis (…).
  • Speech quotes and tags. “For example,” he said, “this is fine.”
  • Etc…

For a full list of guidelines see the descriptive guide to Manuscript Format. This is the exact format of how the print edition works. The web edition will be altered slightly, and your help is needed to make the formatting tasks on your piece quick and easy. Requiring the Manuscript Format is simply one way to place all material on equal footing in readability.

Before you Submit

  • SIM SUBS: Submitting to us while at the same time submitting the same story to another venue is fine. Please notify us immediately if it’s accepted elsewhere by withdrawing the submission from Submittable.
  • MULTIPLE SUBS: We do not accept multiple submissions. Wait a week after a rejection and wait a month after being published (let a monthly issue come out without you in it).
  • REPRINTS: We do not accept reprints.
  • FREQUENCY: We “print publish” once a year and “electronically publish” monthly.

Make sure you check the Things to Avoid page for factors that cause quick rejections.

Submission and Reply Process

Response times are around 67 days, as of September 21, 2015.

Your submission and reply process starts by using the Submittable website to create an electronic submission, where you will attach a file containing your work. Submissions through mail or email are not accepted. The automatic confirmation comes from Submittable and includes a link to the status of your submission. Acceptances and rejections are always personalized and will discuss the impressions of your submitted work.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and License

We’ve created a Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and to security. The Terms of Service page describes what to expect in the function of this website and its content. The content here is a mix of original website templates (non-stories) as well as contributed content (stories) under License from authors all over the world.

Payment Is Semi-Pro (1 Cent Per Word)

Black Denim Lit offers a semi-pro payment for each piece published online at

  • $0.01 per word
  • U.S. Dollars
  • Payment is through PayPal (you are responsible for currency conversation cost)

If a piece is selected for the annual anthology, the contributor will also receive a free print copy of the edition containing their work.

Submission Schedule

We’re open for Flash Fiction submissions through Submittable. We will accept longer submissions on January, 2016.

Via: Black Denim Lit.

Ongoing Submissions: The Flash Fiction Press


Payment: $3 per story accepted ($5 for Short Stories).

Need we say that the work must be your own? Previously published work is per our request only. Previous publication on your own website is okay.

We publish flash fiction with the word count between 250 and 1200. More or less is a hard sell.

Once a week I will publish a short story, between 1200 and 5000 words.

Submit only one story at a time.

All genres are acceptable, but no fan fiction or stories based on copyrighted characters (ie Batman etc). Explicit sex and gross violence for violence’s sake is best left for another site.

Avoid song lyrics, unless you can show that they are in the public domain. Please no stories which feature living public figures as characters, although a passing mention is acceptable.

We assume first publication rights for stories accepted. Copyrights are retained by the author. We would appreciate acknowledgement if your story is reprinted elsewhere.

No simultaneous submissions, but expect to receive an answer within two weeks, almost always sooner. If you have not received an answer within two weeks, please email a query to [email protected]

Although it seems almost an insult, considering the time involved writing and editing a story, authors are paid $3 per story accepted ($5 for Short Stories). Payment is via Paypal.

SUBMIT your story here.  If you do not hear back within a week, contact me HERE.

 STOP!! Reread your story. Be patient about pushing that ‘Submit’ button. You only get one chance before the editor hits his ‘Reject’ button.

Well…yes, I know we don’t actually have a ‘Submit button’, but the previous advice is still valid.

Via: The Flash Fiction Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Recompose


Payment: $0.25/line for poetry up to 50 lines and $0.06/word for prose up to 1000 words
Note: Limited reprints allowed, query first!

recompose is a magazine of interstitial short works – both prose and poetry. We are looking for flash fiction and poems that walk the line between one of the “speculative” genres —science fiction, fantasy, and horror— and the literary genre. There’s a lot of space in those cracks, but there must be both a discernible integral speculative element and a literary element. While horror is a speculative genre, we ask that you be cautious with the use of graphic sex or sexual assault and avoid gratutitous use of either.

Original work strongly preferred; query first for reprints.

No more than three poems OR one fiction per e-mail.

We are particularly interested in seeing stories from underrepresented populations (eg: people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people).

We are looking for poetry and short prose works. We are paying professional rates: $0.25/line for poetry up to 50 lines and $0.06/word for prose up to 1000 words. You may submit works that slightly exceed those limits; just be aware of the pay limits. You can see a sample contract for Alliteration Ink at As per that template, for original works we will be asking for one-year exclusive print and digital rights (with exceptions), and five year non-exclusive print and digital rights. All other rights reside with the author.

Submitted stories must be in standard manuscript format (see William Shunn’s excellent guide) and submitted in rtf, doc, or docx file format. Please make sure your name, email address, word or line count, and title of your story are on the first page of your manuscript. Do include a short bio of less than 50 words.

The subject line of your email should follow this format:
Poem: Title of Poem(s) or Prose: Title of Story

Stories that do not follow these guidelines may face summary rejection.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Via: Recompose.

Ongoing Submissions: Bracken

Payment: $.02/word

Submit fiction, poetry, and artwork.

The Fine Print

Bracken supports diversity in speculative fiction and welcomes stories by and about individuals of all ages, classes, disabilities, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

Bracken purchases first worldwide English-language serial and electronic rights. Each story or poem we acquire will be published on in an electronic quarterly issue. We may also excerpt stories and poems for promotional purposes. The author retains all other rights.

Send all submissions in the body of an email to subs AT Read on to find out more about what we’re looking for. We aim to respond within 30 days.


We’re seeking lyrical, character-driven myths, born out of the wood. We accept most genres, although we’re biased toward magic realism. Send us your in-between-genre pieces, your heart’s tears, your midnight reveries. We’ll take good care of them.


  • 2,500 words or less
  • original and unpublished
  • no simultaneous or multiple submissions


  • subject line: Fiction Sub “<Your Story Title>”
  • your name and contact information
  • the title of your piece and word count
  • a bit about yourself, including brief publication history
  • your story in the body of the email; no attachments

Payment: $.02/word

VIa: Bracken Magazine.

Ongoing Submissions: Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

Payment: 6¢ per word for new fiction, and 2¢ per word for reprints and fact-based work.
Reprints Allowed

Writers Guidelines

We accept new work as well as reprints, anywhere from 1000 word flash fiction on up, but as we are just starting, shorter pieces will be favored. We have tough standards but only care about the quality of the writing, characters, plot, and ideas, not whether you’re new or established.  Only submit finished work you are proud of.  Commensurate with the time available, if we don’t accept your submission we’ll explain why.

We are following the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) guidelines; after one year of meeting their criteria they will retroactively qualify us as a pro site and new work printed during that year will count towards a writer’s SWFA qualifications.  We pay 6¢ per word for new fiction, and 2¢ per word for reprints and fact-based work.


We are looking for well written original stories in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world.  We’re accept both serious and humorous work. We like science fiction in all its states of matter, from solid to gaseous to plasma, i.e., from hard as steel to as insubstantial as interstellar space.  If you use real existing science, please get it right.

We’re not looking for angsty romance, fanfics*, horror, hate, blood & guts, excessive violence, sex, axe-grinding, or stories that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them.


We are looking for fact-based articles, interesting information, reviews, and humor in any discipline that relates to the type of stories we publish or might provide inspiration and information for writers and artists.

Artwork and Other Imagery

We’re looking for storytelling through images.  We want to see skillful composition, use of color, rendering of form, character, and emotions.   For photo manipulations or photography using models, etc., all stock and resources used must be credited and used according to the stock provider’s rules.

We are not presently commissioning any work.  We are looking only for already existing work for use on site pages or for illustrating stories.  We pay $10 for the non-exclusive right to use each image, for as long as the site is online.  If we publish a print collection we will pay a pro-rata share for each image used.

Just as for written works, we’re not looking for romance, fan art*, hate, horror, blood & guts, excessive violence, sex, nudity, copies of photographs, propaganda, or work that leave readers feeling they’ve had the energy and joy sucked out of them.  We do not accept work using materials that required the death or mistreatment of animals.

*If the original work is still in copyright and was not commissioned or sanctioned by the creator or owner we will not accept it.  Some fan art is accepted or encouraged by the copyright owners — e.g., cosplay, and these works we welcome.
An illustration of a fairy tale, myth, legend, old classic, or any work no longer in copyright would not be counted as fan art.

No simultaneous submissions, and no multiple submissions to the same genre.  Please include title, medium, size, and any remarks relevant to the work’s creation.

Submit text in .doc and images as a jpg or through a link.  Provide links to all stock used.  For video, if possible send links, and have it available in both MP4 and WEBM formats for compatibility across all browsers.

On the submissions page, remember to check that you agree with the terms of our guidelines before you submit.

Interstellar submitters please use standard Earth formats or query in advance for other arrangements.  We’d love to be the first to publish your work here on Earth!

After reading our guidelines you can enter the submissions page here

Via: Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

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