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Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

Ongoing Submissions: Video Nasties

Payment: $5
Theme: A short horror story (100-300 words) that would fit on the back of a VHS box!

We love microfiction here at Pyre Magazine, and we miss the video store rental days, so we figured we combine the two in our new series: Video Nasties Microfiction!


Ongoing Submissions: Dragon Gems

Payment: 2 cents per word
Theme: Fantasy or science fiction

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our Call for Submissions! Due to the sudden increase in the number of submissions we are currently receiving, it may take up to 90 days before we can inform you of our decision whether we would like to work with you to publish your work.

Dragon Gems is our publishing program for your short fiction when a novel just won’t do.

Published in digital format, and priced at a reasonable 99¢, your story will still receive the same promotional support as we provide for any of the books we publish, and be distributed through the same online distribution marketplaces.


Ongoing Submissions: Shacklebound Books Monthly Newsletter

Theme: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror are all accepted, but we generally publish dark fiction and as such those are strongly prefered.
Payment: .02 per word, .01 per word for reprints.
Note: Reprints Welcome
Note: 250 words or less

Please read the guidelines very carefully. Stories submitted that do not conform to the guidelines will not be read.

We are a small press. We hope to increase pay rates for all of our anthologies and future projects over time.


Contest: 50-Word Stories February 2022 (Early Listing)

Submission Window: February 1st-15th, 2022
Payment: 1 winner each month will win $10 Canadian
Theme: A story at exactly 50-words

If you’d like to have a 50-word story that you wrote featured on, first make sure that you understand exactly what a 50-word story is, and then read the submission requirements below closely.

Submissions System
Each month, submissions will be open between days 1 and 15 of that month. Any stories received on days 16 to 31 of a month will be deleted, but can be resubmitted the following month. You may only submit one story per month.

Ongoing Submissions: After The Storm

Payment: $20 and Medium Paywall
Theme: For fiction, speculative fiction about a better world of tomorrow that takes place after capitalism.

Welcome to After The Storm!

This is a publication for stories that describe a world beyond our current oppressive society. We want to tell stories that span beyond white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, imperialism, capitalism, and so much more. We operate under the assumption that to reach a place, you first have to imagine it.

What do those stories even look like?

What constraints do you as a writer have in constructing such a world?

What sacrifices or gains would have to be made for that world to be reached?

We do not have a set future in mind but rather want to be a platform that debates that vision openly and enthusiastically.


Ongoing Submissions: Dark Recesses Press Website Content

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Payment: Flash Fiction (up to 1000 words) – $10.00, Very Short Fiction (1000-2000 words) – $15.00, Short Fiction (2000-3000+ words) – $25.00
Theme: horror/dark fiction

WEBZINE CONTENT (free for readers)

– Fiction:

We are looking for horror/dark fiction pieces between 500-3000 words. Query for longer works. Longer works are a tough sell but may be considered if they knock us off our seats. Common sense when submitting please. We do not accept stories that involve the sexual abuse/exploitation of minors. We are not looking for pure shock value. All components of your story should have merit. Gore for gore’s sake is not what we are looking for.


Ongoing Submissions: Simily

Payment: $0.02 for every unique story view
Theme: All forms of short fiction
Note: This is NOT your standard submission call. IF the platform takes off and/or you have a strong following it could be a fantastic secondary source of income. Worth a look if you have reprints that have been out of circulation or a ton of stories sitting around.

Simily is a new platform to self-publish short stories. We believe in the power of a good story and our goal is to help writers reach new readers, hone their craft, and get paid.


The details:


Ongoing Submissions: Flash Frog

Payment: $25 per story or piece of art
Theme: small, brightly colored, and deadly to the touch

Flash Frog is…
the newest online flash fiction magazine featuring stories under 1,000 words. We like our stories like we like our dart frogs: small, brightly colored, and deadly to the touch.

Flash Frog is open year round.