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Think you got what it takes to be in The Uninvited? Fanatstic! We have an Open Submission Policy, and invite you to contact our editor, Ken, directly with what you have in mind:

[email protected]

We’re pretty open as to what we will publish in The Uninvited Magazine, but some guidelines are, of course, needed. Please keep the following in mind should you wish to send us your material…

1) The Uninvited is a horror and weird fiction publication for iPad and other tablet devices. So what we’re looking for are stories and comics in the horror and weird fiction vein. It doesn’t have to be pants-wetting tales of terror, mind. We’re cool with creepy and just plain strange, as well. So long as we like it and think it’s good, naturally.

2) If you wish to submit a short story, go ahead and send it our way for review. A synopsis of what you are sending is needed and you can even just hit us up with said synopsis if you don’t feel like sending the story in full. While length of story is open, try to keep it in the 2000 to 6000 word range. We pay our contributors professional rates; and we love doing so. However, we can only pay so much and if your story runs 8k in word count, for instance, we will only pay up to a certain amount. Ah, budgets. Gotta love ‘em.

3) We most certainly enjoy comic submissions. That said, if you have an idea for a comic but only have a script, we’ll check it out, and, if we enjoy it, are more than happy to try pairing you up with an artist. If you have a full comic short or crew already in place– excellent. This will make the process even easier for all involved. Page count for the comics should be from 8 to 15 pages.

4) Everything is negotiable. Contact us with your story and/or idea first and we’ll go from there. We seek in publishing the highest product within our budget as possible. We also understand the absolute need for creator rights and creative freedom and consider all of this as we review and negotiate submissions.

* Note: we do not accept simultaneous submissions, please only submit stories that are dedicated for submission within The Uninvited.

Any questions about anything? Anything at all? We like to keep busy, so please drop us a line… and keep us really, really busy.

Story Editor – Ken
[email protected]

Founder – Adam
[email protected]

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