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Hello Horror is a recently created online literary magazine and blog. We are currently in search of literary pieces, photography and visual art including film from writers and artists that have a special knack for inducing goosebumps and raised hairs. This genre has become, especially in film, noticeably saturated in gore and high shock- value aspects as a crutch to avoid the true challenge of bringing about real, psychological fear to an audience that’s persistently more and more numb to its tactics.

While we are not opposed to the extreme, blood and guts need bones and cartilage. Otherwise it’s just a sloppy mess. If you would like for your work to be considered for publication in our literary section, please see the submission guidelines and instructions to the right. We will also be accepting submissions for our blog in the near future and will be posting a different set of submission guidelines accordingly.

Before getting to the specifics, we would like to stress that these guidelines are suggestions that should be considered prior to submission, but that if it is necessary to bend the rules in order to accept an impressive piece, we will not hesitate to do so. That being said, our guidelines are as follows:

Short Stories: As this is our optimal literary type, we don’t want to be too constricting. The ideal short story should be about six to eight pages but we will consider longer works and are even open to discussing the serialization of very long works.

Micro Shorts / Flash Fiction: Flash Fiction is generally thought of as being 600 words or less. If your piece is longer, it will simply be published as a short story.

Poetry: We are open to all styles of poetry, however please consider the length guidelines that we have suggested for short stories when submitting longer pieces.

Photography/Visual Arts: Please submit no more than five images as samples of your work with an artist statement. Though we strongly believe in freedom of expression, we ask is that you read the section to the left considering what we have to say about the genre before submission.

Film: Once again, please consider our take on the genre. We will only post embedded video players to display your work. We will not host the file.

Publishing Rights: You will retain all publication rights.

Simultaneous Submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions.

Compensation: As we are a fledgling site, we are only able to compensate in the currency of exposure.

Submit: Please email your work for consideration to [email protected]

Contact us: [email protected]

Blog: The forthcoming blog will have its initial publications in tandem with those of our first literary selections. Please join our mailing list for updates.

Join our mailing list: [email protected] Please use subject line: Mailing List

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Stuart Conover is a father, husband, published author, blogger, geek, entrepreneur, horror fanatic, and runs a few websites including Horror Tree!

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